A 10 day pregnancy retreat in Hawaii to nurture your mind, body, and spirit!


Join us this summer for an experience of a lifetime!

A 10 day pregnancy retreat in Hawaii  to nurture your mind, body, and spirit!

We welcome pregnant women, those wanting to conceive, those healing from a miscarriage and their loved ones.
Conscious Pregnancy Retreats’ purpose: to lovingly nurture, support, educate, and empower women who hold and birth our children, the future of our world.



Rise to the simple beauty of nature!
Dive into the underworld and share space with its magnificent creatures.
Explore and reestablish a connection to yourself and your life’s purpose.
Learn tools and techniques to communicate love and connect deeply to your unborn child.
A complete adventure for the mind, body, and spirit.
IMAGINE being warmly woken by the singing birds.  You open your eyes to the deep blue ocean illuminated by the rising sun.


Looking around, the land is mountainous and lush with colorful budding flowers and fruiting trees. In the distance you see fins of dolphins surfacing.  You wonder what it will be like to experience them in their underworld.


You have heard dolphins are attracted to pregnant women and they are known to be healers and you question its truth. The 1/2 mile ride down to the bay is quick, now you have a closer view of the wild spinner dolphins.  They are so graceful.  Then you see them jump and spin as if they are putting on this breath taking show for you.  You put on your mask and snorkel to enter the fresh clear water.  The underworld is full of colorful fish, coral and plants.  It feels amazingly peaceful.  As you turn you see your first glimpse of a pod of dolphins less than 20 feet away.  Words can’t explain this moment nor the following 40 minutes but FEELINGS OF PEACE, calm, and playful fill your body. A quick ride back to the Whale Song Sanctuary and you didn’t even realize the hunger until you see the gourmet breakfast.  A quick rinse, comfortable clothes and a relaxed meal on the lanai over looking the underworld you just experienced.


A pregnant woman’s courageous story to follow her hearts calling to birth with dolphins in the most epic time of her life. Read More….




A complete adventure for the

MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT Enrichment workshops you will experience during your retreat:


by Kim Nelli

Would you like to learn how to experience more days full of peace and happiness for both yourself and your baby in the midst of a chaotic and stressful life? Read more…



by James Goodlatte

It’s time for change. Currently, infertility is on the rise, rates of c-section are on an all time high and the health of our infants is at an all time low. Modern science is uncovering what ancient wisdom has known all along. Discover the Five Foundations of a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy. Read More…



by Daniela Urrutia

Pregnancy is a time where a woman dives into an inner journey to access the most powerful energy, the strength of her essence. Read More…

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